Travelling by road in India has recently been transformed with development of infrastructure & construction of world class roadways, bridges & flyovers to ease traffic congestion. These developments have provided better road connectivity between major cities & present us with business opportunity for introduction of luxury coaches like Volvo B9R & B11R, Mercedes Benz, Scania & other international products for safe & timely passenger transportation.

Hebron Transports is as Chennai based luxury bus Operator Company. Started in the year 2013 Hebron aims to redefine traveling experience in India by providing connectivity between various cities with world class Hi-tech buses.

Safety of our passenger is of paramount importance to us. We recruit skilled manpower with good field experience in the industry. All our coach captains are certified fit by Volvo Buses India Pvt. Ltd. to drive Volvo B9R buses, thus reassuring every traveler a safe journey.
With great concern for good hygiene, Hebron`s maintenance crew thoroughly cleans our coaches. Seat covers are replaced before every trip & every guest is provided with sterilized blankets, branded mineral water & specially ordered snacks & beverages.

Understanding the needs of different categories of travelers, our buses are operated with timings suitable for officer goers, business men & other frequent travelers.

Our coaches will be equipped with features like Wi-Fi, real time GPS tracking & other standard accessories like reading lamps and charger points. Thanks to live satellite T.V technology our guests will never miss any action of cricket or news during their journey, thus keeping them connected with the world even during their Journey. The real time GPS tracking helps the passengers to know the location of bus & expected time of arrival to plan their arrival & pick up.

Hebron believes in providing the best service to its customers, we welcome every traveler to experience the comfort & services of Hebron.

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